White Owl: Meaning, Symbolism, Totem, & Myth

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snowy owl

White Owl Meaning

Snowy owls, sometimes known as white owls, are frequently included in literary stories about witches, wizards, mysteries, and magic, which is consistent with the symbolism of the white owl in various cultures. The white owl is possibly the most well-known of all the owls that have appeared in mythological tales and legends.

White owls have a calm and contemplative demeanour that is attractive to the eye and admirable in their presence. In addition to change, transformation, and inner understanding, the white owl symbolises all of these things in its spiritual connotation as well.

What Is The Symbolic Significance Of The White Owl?

This bird’s meaning is all about its spiritual importance, which includes its connection to the cycles of birth and death, which are necessary for spiritual progress. They are also linked to trickery, witchcraft, and supernatural changes.

The white owl represents the understanding that whatever lesson you are learning in life at the moment, or whatever challenge you are experiencing, there is a reason for everything that is happening in your life at the moment.

The Mystical Significance Of A White Owl

Traditionally, the white owl is associated with giving spiritual messages and symbols that are intended to assist you in connecting with yourself spiritually and in moving past the difficulties in your life in order to connect with the present moment.

They are spiritual beings who mark the beginning and conclusion of things, allowing you to pay attention to the lessons you’ve learned thus far and then grow from your experiences with them.

What Do White Owls Represent, And What Do They Symbolise?

White owls are considered to be emblems of wisdom, virtue, and intelligence in most cultures. Not only that, but depending on where you look, it can have a variety of distinct meanings. Because it flies at night and because the Romans believed that it feasted on the souls of all mortal men, it was revered as a sacred bird in ancient Rome.

1. Wisdom and Knowledge:

Owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge in many ancient cultures. Because it is a predator, the owl was considered to be a representation of intelligence and mental strength (however it does not kill for sport).

With owls representing history or libraries as places where knowledge is stored, among other things this theme is still carried on in current culture.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the owl was a source of wisdom and intelligence. That’s the reason why Isis, Egypt’s goddess of knowledge, assumed the appearance of an owl in order to teach mankind a lesson.

2. Enthusiasm and Determination:

When an owl appears unexpectedly in Japan, it is believed to bring good fortune. They believed that the person who was the first to witness an owl would be extraordinarily fortunate.

Even today, if you see an owl flying near your house at night, there is a superstition in Japan that you should ring a bell nine times and say, “I pray such-and-such would happen.”

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If you are successful, you will have excellent luck and may even come upon a lost item that you have been looking for a long time.

3. Virtue and Purity:

The white owl was regarded sacred by the ancient Romans because they believed that during the full moon, it feasted on the souls of humans at night. According to legend, the white owl was considered to flying out at night to hunt for prey and spend the day hiding in caves or tombs.

They were frequently depicted in art and even employed as talismans in ancient times because it was believed that owls had the ability to see through anything, including evil spirits.

snowy owl

4. Power and Bravery:

Many cultures viewed the white owl to be a supernatural being with extraordinary abilities. The Romans carried owl amulets to ward off evil spirits, which was especially important during battle.

According to ancient Egyptian tradition, the white owl represented nobility and knowledge; it was also revered as a protector of souls in the hereafter, helping them navigate their way through the afterlife. As a result, the ancient Egyptian god Horus took on the appearance of an owl.

5. Acceptance:

Owls are considered to be messengers of death or harbingers in several civilizations. According to Irish legend, owls were considered to represent the spirits of ancestors who had taught their descendants everything they knew about survival and were now serving as a guide to their descendants.

People in Japan think that owls are responsible for the deaths of individuals who have not been paying attention or who have been living with no morals. Traditionally, it was a belief that when an owl flew over a house, it signalled that someone in the house will soon pass away.

6. Silence:

Brahma is the Hindu god of creation and new beginnings. The owl is closely identified with Brahma in India. “Bakshi” is the Indian word for owl. It translates as “quiet one.” This is likely due to the fact that owls only produce sounds when they are on their own in the wild.

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Another symbol linked with the white owl is Buddhism’s founder, Buddha, who swore not to speak again until after attaining enlightenment. As a result, many depictions of Buddha show him sitting with his hands covering his mouth.

7. Night:

Because they are active at night and are related with the moon, the owl is regarded as a sign of darkness and the night time. Its name comes from some tribes’ belief that the white owl could only be seen on nights when there was a full moon, which is how the bird received its name.

During the full moon, it was believed that owls feasted on the souls of all mortal men, according to legend (see above).

8. Wholeness:

In Ireland, white owls were considered to be spirits of ancestors who had not yet passed away; they were both guardians of souls and harbingers of death, according to legend. It was once believed that an elderly relative was on the verge of passing if you had a dream about an owl.

White Owls Have 12 Different Meanings In Different Cultures

1. One interpretation of white owls is that they represent the spirits of dead babies. When a baby was stillborn or died very soon after delivery in ancient Egypt, it was believed that the newborn would transform into an owl to assist its parents on their trip through the afterlife. When it comes to deformed children in Finland, white owls are connected with those who have died prematurely because they were unable to survive on earth.

2. Owls are symbolic of witches and other evil entities. A white owl with red eyes in Ireland is considered to be a harbinger of bad luck. Due to the fact that owls were once connected with the devil, they are sometimes referred to as “le vieux-duc” (the old duke) in France.

3. Due to their nocturnal nature, owls are linked with death. It’s no coincidence that owls, with their propensity for prowling at night while most people are fast sleeping, have long been considered as heralds of doom in ancient Greece.

4. The white owl is a symbol of good fortune. Seeing a white owl flying near your home is believed among people of Chinese and Japanese descent to bring wealth or happiness to the household. The white owl is revered as a symbol of good fortune there.

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5. Owls were traditionally associated with Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, in ancient Rome. Because of their link with Minerva, owls were frequently depicted in art or employed as talismans to provide protection or good fortune to the wearer.

6. Owls have a variety of positive implications in Native American culture as well; they represent night vision and wisdom since they can see in the dark, among other things. Some tribes believe that they are messengers between heaven and earth, or that they are ancestors who have returned as birds to protect their living descendants from danger.

7. The white owl has come to symbolise a variety of different concepts in modern times. Apart from representing intelligence and wit, they are also a symbol of knowledge and mystery. They are sometimes depicted as symbols of vigilance or prejudice in literature and culture because they are nocturnal animals with acute hearing. Psychics have also been associated with white owls in the past since they have been reported to be able to see ghosts, spirits, and even the future in their dreams, something that humans are not capable of.

8. Since owls are most active at night and for the reason that a lot of cultures believed that owls were only visible on full moon nights, they are also associated with the moon; in Roman mythology, the goddess Diana appeared in the form of an owl, which has further cemented this association in modern times. Because of its link with the moon, the white owl has come to be seen as a representation of feminine energy. The white owl is seen as a symbol of psychic protection in contemporary esoteric circles.

9. As a symbol of wisdom in modern times, the white owl is also connected with intellect and knowledge, which is most likely due to their nocturnal habits and acute hearing; they are frequently regarded as wise old souls who have wisdom to offer to people on their waking journey through life.

10. Owls are occasionally linked with magic because, according to some traditions, they have the ability to shift into humans, which adds to their mystique and connotations with both good as well as evil.

11. The white owl is frequently considered to possess the highest level of psychic ability; some believe that only psychics and evolved souls are capable of transforming into owls after they have passed away.

12. One reason why owls are commonly associated with the supernatural is that they are believed by some to be able to see ghosts and spirits that people are not capable of seeing. This is a widely held concept in many cultures. However, it is interesting to note that, despite the fact that the owl is frequently associated with the spirit world, it is extensively believed to bring bad luck or to herald death.

snowy owl

Totem Of The White Owl

Individuals with White Owl totems are drawn to the calming, hushed, and mysterious energies of the night time. This is due to the fact that owls are nocturnal birds and they hunt only throughout the night.

These individuals have no fear of the dark or of magic, and they possess the knowledge necessary to determine the truth. They are extremely intelligent and have the ability to see through people to the reality underlying their actions.

A White Owl’s Symbolism

In The Bible The owl occurs with other creatures in various Old Testament writings that depict the owl as an unclean animal that humans should never eat because it is poisonous. According to the Bible, the bird lives in the lowlands of Palestine, where it destroys cities, which is why it is known as the “mother of ruins.”

The owl is a biblical symbol of loneliness, darkness, isolation, devastation, and abandonment, according to the Bible. Despite the fact that the Bible does not define whether the white owl is a good or terrible creature, it does mention accounts of individuals who are lonely and desperate who come across an owl in their travels.

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White owls were also thought to be capable of transforming into humans and were associated with the moon and the night, according to folklore.

White Owl’s Significance In Native American Culture

The white owl is seen as a symbol of death in Native American tradition. Some tribes believed that white owls were truly night eagles, owing to the fact that they were enormous birds capable of seeing in the dark of the night sky.

The hooting of an owl in the middle of the night was considered a bad omen by the majority of tribes as well. Because the hooting indicates the presence of an owl in the vicinity, it is likely that it will come and transport youngsters into the night if they cry or get out of their beds.

Ghosts would develop bony circles around the eyes of the owl and grant them the ability to see in the dark, allowing them to prey on the weak. This is the reason why owls were also considered to be symbols of ghosts.

Superstitions Associated With White Owls

The superstitions surrounding owls are all about things in life working out in your favour, going according to plan, and being blessed with good fortune. You can anticipate that significant and positive changes will occur in your life shortly after seeing a white owl due to the fact that witnessing a white owl is quite rare.

snowy owl

What Does It Mean To See A White Owl?

White owls are quite unusual to witness in the wild, so when you do come across one, you will almost certainly feel a specific way about it. Because they are so uncommon, they can sometimes cause people to feel afraid, but more often than not, they cause individuals to feel a sense of surprise and excitement.

When you see a white owl, it is crucial to reflect on the lessons you are now experiencing in your life at the time you saw the white owl in the first place. For instance, are you struggling through money problems and have just been praying for a sign to reassure you?

Have you recently experienced the loss of a loved one? Are you having difficulties in a love relationship and unsure if you should terminate it or try to work it out with the other person?

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Whatever it is that you are paying attention to, you will be sent spiritual signs and symbols that will help you connect to yourself spiritually while also providing you with the opportunities to work past them in the present moment because spirit responds to the energy you are working through in your life.

What Does A White Owl Symbolise In Terms Of Spiritual Significance?

A white owl may have a particular significance for you and you alone because everyone has their own intuitive as well as spiritual language. In general, though, seeing a white owl serves as a gentle reminder that nothing is permanent.

Even the difficulties you are currently experiencing will pass away eventually. White owls are a symbol of the end of something, which heralds the beginning of something else in its place. Their role is to serve as spiritual masters, who remind you to pay attention to the lessons you’ve learned so that you can continue to grow and expand on your spiritual path.

In the case that you keep seeing white owls, it may be a sign that you need to take the necessary steps to end anything in your life that is no longer serving you, in order to create space for something better to enter your life.

As an example, you may have to put your faith in the world that if you left a job you despise, a better job would present itself to you. Alternatively, if you exit a toxic relationship, a healthier connection will enter your life as a result. Alternatively, if you are willing to take a financial risk and invest in yourself, your boldness will be rewarded tenfold.

What Does It Mean When a White Owl Crosses Your Path?

Seeing a white owl or having a white owl cross your path is a similar experience to seeing a white owl in that it causes you to stop and engage into the present moment. White owls that cross your path are attempting to attract your attention.

The likelihood of an owl hearing you and flying towards you rather than staying stationary in the expectation that you will not notice it is extremely low. If you see an owl cross your path, it’s a message that you’re disregarding opportunities to bring about change and evolution in your life because you’re too comfortable or afraid of the unexpected.

It is also a message informing you that if you do not choose to make the painful decisions necessary to stop things in your life that are no longer benefiting you, the universe will step in and make those decisions on your behalf.

This is frequently much more difficult to deal with, and the lessons learned take longer to absorb. Consider the following scenario: you know you should quit your job since it is preventing you from reaching your full potential; but, you continue to work because you are afraid of resigning and facing the unknown.

Pay close attention if a white owl crosses your way while you are preoccupied with this concern. This could be a spiritual sign that whether or not you choose to leave, your job is coming to an end.

If you actively take the steps to position yourself for a new employment opportunity, you will find the transition to be straightforward. However, you may find yourself out of work and forced to deal with the stress of finding a new job at the last minute if you continue to ignore the warning signs.

Regardless of the conclusion, it will lead to a more pleasant outcome, but the means by which you get there will differ in terms of stress level.

What Does It Mean When A White Owl Flies Over Your Head?

If you see a white owl flying over your head, it is a sign that the universe is watching out for you and that you need not be concerned about the next stages in your life. However dangerous and uncertain the road ahead appears to be, everything will work out for the best in the end.

snowy owl

What Does It Mean To See A White Owl In The Middle Of The Night?

Given that owls are nocturnal species, it may appear that sighting an owl at night is the most likely moment to spot one. However, seeing a white owl at night is still quite rare, so if you do happen to see one, it could be a sign from the universe.

As wonderful as white owls are because they bring with them the light and high spiritual vibrations associated with the colour white, they also represent the dark shadow side of the physical world due to their nocturnal nature and ability to exist only during the night.

The sighting of a white owl indicates that you are working through teachings that are part of your subconscious shadow self at the time. In this season of your life, you are being urged to engage in extensive shadow labour.

I recommend enrolling in an online course taught by experts in the area or working one-on-one with an energy healer to ease the pain because doing shadow work can be exhausting.

What Does Dreaming Of A White Owl Mean?

Often, the spiritual meaning of a white owl does not manifest itself as a physical sighting of the bird; instead, it manifests itself as a dream about the bird. If you have a dream about seeing a white owl, it has the same meaning as if you were actually seeing one in the wild.

Generally speaking, a white owl indicates transition, change, or things happening in unexpected ways that you weren’t expecting. My acquaintance was told she would never be able to have children, and she and her husband gave up hope of ever having their own child.

At one time, she began having repeated nightmares about a white owl, and she felt a strong maternal attachment to the bird. She had a strange sensation that this owl was her daughter for some reason.

A few time after she began to have this dream, she discovered that she was pregnant with a baby girl who was born healthy.

White owls are a technique of communicating that something unexpected is about to happen

Often, spiritual beings manifest in the guise of a white owl because this creature has such an elevated vibratory frequency that it is easier for them to project this valence into the physical world, including in dreams.

After waking up from a dream, it is common for people to report that they had a spiritual encounter with a spirit guide. Because they are known to impart wisdom and clarity in dreams, it may be a good idea to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up after having a dream in which a white owl has visited you in real life.

What Does It mean If You Have A Waking Vision Or A Lucid Dream In Which You See A White Owl Come To Visit You?

White owls have been reported to have visited people while they were awake or when they were having lucid dreams, particularly where they could control what they did and thought while they were dreaming.

It is common for people to have visions or dreams in which they are visited by an owl, which represents a visitation from a spirit guide or spiritual being.

It is possible that you are being visited by a spiritual being who is related to a physical body (such as a baby who has not yet been born or a person who has passed away) and who appears in the form of a white owl. Pay close attention to the message you are receiving and any additional signals that appear in conjunction with this vision.

Spirit guides and messengers frequently come to you for a specific reason, and it is frequently in response to a query or wish that you have expressed to the world through prayer or meditation. If you see a white owl in a vision, it’s possible that your spirit animal is an owl, and it’s guiding you toward your life’s highest goal.

snowy owl

Is It A Bad Omen To See A White Owl?

Many cultures and traditions hold that witnessing a white owl is a terrible omen and a sign of poor fortune. According to this source, white owls are a sign of death in Native American folklore and are used to terrify children away from the outdoors at night.

When owls were termed lechuza in Mexico and Mexico-American tradition, they were supposed to be shape-shifting witches who preyed on the weak and helpless. These included youngsters, intoxicated people, and those who were elderly.

Do White Owls Have A Symbolic Meaning In Death?

Are They A Sign Of Ill Luck? I don’t think that a white owl symbolises the act of dying. Instead, it shows the spiritual meaning of what death means. It is not a bad sign to see a white owl; nonetheless, it is a symbol of change, and for those who are resistant to change, seeing a white owl might be seen as a negative symbol.

For example, in the Tarot, the Death card should not be understood in the traditional sense. Although the death card appears negative, it is essentially a positive card because it signifies both the end of something and the birth of something new. Change and evolution are symbolised by the card in this manner.

A white owl, like the Death card, represents the law of nature, which states that everything that is born ultimately dies and is reborn in a different form. All experiences ultimately fade away; it is the long-term journey of the soul that is most essential in the long run.

Characteristics Of Real White Snowy Owls?

In the entire world there are 146 different species of owls. The snowy owl is possibly the most beautiful of all the owl species. The owl is approximately 23 inches in height. A few black feathers can be found on the wings of young birds and female birds, but fully matured males are completely white.

Known as Arctic birds, snowy owls breed and rear their young on tundra in northern Canada and Alaska, well above the Arctic Circle, where they can be found in large numbers.

During the winter, the vast majority of snowy owls will flee the severe Arctic weather and migrate south, though they will rarely travel much further south than central Canada in their migration.

The majority of owls are nocturnal, which means they are most active and hunt during the evening hours. Snowy owls are active during the day. Because they are diurnal, they are active and hunt throughout the daylight hours.

In part, this makes sense because the sun is up for at least 20 hours a day during the northern summer, making it necessary for the snowy owl to adapt and learn to hunt during the daytime hours. Snowy owls, on the other hand, have evolved to hunt both during the day, when there is light, and at night, when there is not.

This is due to the fact that the sun is not visible for lengthy periods of time during the northern winter months. Snowy owls consume a wide variety of prey, but lemmings, a rodent roughly the size of a large mouse, are by far their most common source of nutrition.

It was formerly believed that snowy owls were only spotted south of their native area when the lemming population in the Arctic plummeted, leading to the extinction of the species.

Scientists have discovered that the reason for the owl’s migration so far south of its normal range may be more complicated than that, and that it may be more accurately attributed to a general imbalance in the predator-prey ratio across the entire snowy owl range, or even to a more specific loss of prey in a specific area, rather than to a population crash of a specific kind of prey across the entire snowy owl range.

Where Can You Find White Snowy Owls In The Wild?

Because most owls live in wooded areas with a lot of trees, their feathers are coloured with flecks of grey and brown, as well as black and white, to help them blend in with the leaves and branches of the trees they inhabit.

Snowy Owls spend the majority of their time on the snowy tundra, where their beautiful white feathers aid in their ability to blend in with their surroundings. However, because they are travelling so far south of their normal range, their white feathers make them very noticeable.

A snowy owl perched on a small tundra hill in the Arctic would be hardly visible from a distance. A snowy owl perched on a sand dune in Oregon appears to be completely out of place, which is exactly what it is. Snowy owls are specifically adapted to their Arctic environment.

Their entire body, including their legs and toes, is covered in a thick leather of downy feathers that is topped with more durable feathers. This enables them to remain warm even when the temperature outside drops to 50 degrees below zero degrees.

The eyes of snowy owls do not move in their sockets, unlike the eyes of other owls. A snowy owl’s head must be swivelled in order for it to look to the side or to pursue a running lemming.

As with the snowy owl, there are other bird species that, like the snowy owl, have learned to adapt to shifting food sources and nesting environments. Historically, the Peregrine Falcon would build its nest on the sides of cliffs.

Peregrines, which were nearly extinct only a few years ago, are making a comeback. In response to the loss of their natural environment, many have adapted by nesting on the sides or atop city buildings and the common park pigeon is their principal food source.

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