Naked Owls: What Do Owls Look Like Without Feathers?

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  • Post last modified:April 26, 2022

Naked Owls

What Do Owls Look Like Without Feathers?

Every now and then, it’s nice to wish we could push the “unseen” button – and that’s exactly what many of us felt after author Dana Schwartz tweeted a stunning photo of a nude owl.

“I just googled what featherless owls look like, and I’m very taken aback,” the woman writes. She followed it up with a tweet depicting a typical owl meeting her featherless cousin and an owl skeleton. She called the tableau the ‘spookiest meeting of all time.’

Naked Owls

We couldn’t get the featherless owl out of our heads, no matter how hard we tried. We were driven by morbid curiosity and a desperate need to think about something other than a featherless owl for a short period of time.


Naked Barn Owls

So, we began investigating what different animals look like without their fur, hair, feathers, and other distinguishing characteristics. Here’s what we came across during our research.

It appears that the specialists have confirmed that this is indeed what these birds look like beneath their magnificent owl feathers.

15 Cutest Owls In The World

A barn owl with nearly no feathers, according to the deputy director of World Bird Sanctuary, Jeffrey Meshach, may be seen in the second shot, where “the bird in the centre is what a barn owl would look like if it had practically no feathers.”

Naked Owls

“It’s actually a fantastic photograph that demonstrates how feathers alter the appearance of a bird’s skeleton,” he continued. All of this, however, proved to be a little too much for the Internet, with some commenters claiming that the owls in the picture could just as easily be dinosaurs or extraterrestrials.

Naked Baby Barn Owls

In response to Schwartz’s frightening photo, a slew of tweets featuring featherless and furless animals began to circulate on social media. We’re not sure about you, but we’re not quite over it all, especially the strangeness of the owl skull.

First and foremost, let’s get this over with. We are not overly cautious. As Brits, we were naturally born with a certain amount of conservatism instilled in us, but on the whole, we like to think we’re very laid back about the whole nudity thing.

Naked Burrowing Owls

Whenever someone requests to be naked, we answer, “Yeah, that’s fine with us. To hell with the rules of the society. Don’t cover yourself with anything. Allow yourself to feel liberated. “Let your imagination run wild and unfettered.”

In the meantime, we came across a photograph of an owl without its feathers (the first on this list, just in case you were wondering), and the image was so disturbing that it made us rethink some of our previous assumptions about nudity in general.

Naked Owls

The main point is that owls should never, ever be photographed without their feathers. Feathers are an owl’s attire, and without them, owls appear like 50 shades of f*cked up; a flying devil from your worst nightmare.

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