Do Owls Make A Good Pet? Everything You Need To Know

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Owls sitting on tree trunk

Do Owls Make A Good Pet?

Owls are nocturnal creatures, which are smart, sociable, caring and loving creatures. Owls cannot be setup at home, as they are incapable of petting and touching them. This is because of their sharp teeth and beak, which are designed to breakdown almost anything or tear it apart.

The nature has constructed this species, in such a way that their main function is to chase their prey and consume the. Thus, not suitable for a homely environment. Although in movies factionary, owls are kept as pet but the reality differs. However, let’s look into details of their requirement.

1. Owls Require Space

Owls require a huge space; an enclosure of parrot will not be enough for this species. The enclosure has to be constructed from wires which are extremely strong and rigid, so that the owl’s teeth does not dismantle it.

If a wood enclosure is constructed, the owl’s teeth will break the whole enclosure into pieces. Thus, wires are appropriate. If the owner lets the owl out of the enclosure, it could destroy all the household furniture.

Owl need to be cleaned on daily basis, because the grime percolate on their feathers. If the feathers are not cleaned, the grime on the feathers will not let them fly appropriately, thus won’t be able to catch hold of the prey.

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If their feathers are not cleaned, these owls wing makes certain sound while flying, which becomes a barrier while hunting. Thus, in enclosure, a huge space needs to be provided for bathing.

The water has to be changed every day and fresh water has to be filled. The bathing of the owl in the jungle, takes place in the day time, which creates problem to them. Raptors like Goshawks are a threat to the owl, who kill them, while they are bathing.

As per the research, domesticated owl should be placed outdoor. Building a relationship with such a type of species is difficult as it stays in its enclosure throughout. So, one can interact with them about twice.

These owls are used to seeing the owner on daily basis and if they don’t see them, they might get agitated and stressed. The interaction with the owl will be mostly related while providing them food and while cleaning the cages.

2. Owls Are Independent Birds

These birds like the raptors enjoy staying in solidarity and hunt solo. Birds like cockatoos and macaws love to stay in groups but owls enjoy staying alone in the forest. Thus, making them reserved. However, interact with the other owl for mating and will give birth to the owlet.

The ability to thrive in groups is what makes birds like parrot stay as a pet among humans. As owls don’t have this ability, thus apart from their mating partner and their owlets, everyone is a prey or a threat to them and they will attack them. Thus, if the owner is unwell or is out for some work. This can be a problem to the owner.

3. Particular Diet

The particular diet of the Owl, makes them inappropriate as a pet. With an owl in the house, one needs to feed them meat regularly. As owls are carnivores, meat is very important and providing them uncooked animal meat is an extremely difficult task.

Usually, the owls are fed frozen food, which are thawed and then given to them. However, daily cleaning the place as well as taking out the left food and cleaning the blood and the regurgitated pellet is not for someone with a weak heart.

This specie requires animal meat like that of rodents, chickens, pigs and quail. Thus, finding such food and storing them in freezer is not everyone will be okay with.

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Owl are the sloppiest creature because they will tear the prey completely, so that it can take small bites. This is their regular behavior and one will have to clean the cage after every time, they have consumed food.

Owls through their hearing ability and vision can catch the prey and kill them. In many species, the ears are placed on the head, which helps in better locating the prey and killing them.

An owl whether in wild or at home, will consume food in the same manner and will pierce its talon into any food, even a human hand who is just placing the food. Thus, owls should be handled only by experts, who have the skills.

4. Owls Are Considered As Illegal Pets

Firstly, domesticating an owl is considered to be illegal. Even though if someone tries to fracture the rules and yet keep the owl, they might face some other problems like if the owl is unwell, the owner has to take the owl to the veterinary.

The veterinary are usually not trained for birds like owl. The next problem is owl domesticating, which is illegal and if the vet passes this information, the owner will be behind the bars. Because one requires a permit and training to handles birds like Owl.

Even though owls are worth admiring and have distinctive features. They should never be domesticated and if domesticated, the owner has to be skilled and an expert.

If someone likes owls, they can send some amount to the rehab facility, who will take care of the food and their health. Occasionally, one can visit them. 

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